Mow 'Em Down!
Greek Tutorial Campaign
Giver(s)Village Elder
CityCapital City
PreviousBright Lights, Big City
NextGet The Goods
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Mow 'Em Down! is a Quest in Age of Empires Online, which belongs to the Greek Tutorial Campaign.

Quest Objectives Edit

Defeat the Followers of Autolycus with the help of Advisor Matius' Somatophylax, Hypaspyst, Toxotes and Trireme units.

  • War Lodges Destroyed: 0/5
  • Huts Destroyed: 0/15
  • Bandit War Leaders Killed: 0/4

Rewards Edit

Choose One Of
  • Freelancer's Relentless Blade
  • Freelancers' Relentless Bow
  • Freelancer's Relentless Spear
  • Freelancer's Relentless Shield
  • Freelancer's Steadfast Spear
  • Freelancer's Steadfast Bow
You will also Receive

Quest Giver Dialog Edit

It's clear that the Followers of Autolycus will never leave people alone. They continue to target our less protected settlements.

We think they have a camp nearby. My advice to you is to establish a base, scout the region, discover their camp, and thin their ranks.

Advisor Matius from the nearby city of Helice has sent a few specially trained Somatophylax, Hypaspist, Toxotes, and Triremes to assist you with this task. Mow 'em down!
If we don't fight back, they won't stop.
Good job. They will think twice before attacking us again.
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