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Roman Roman Utility Building
Age availableBronzeAgeIcon.png Bronze Age
Food.png 0 Wood.png 0 Gold.png 0 Stone.png 0
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The Millarium is a Roman Utility Building in Age of Empires Online.


  • The Millarium is a building which buffs the movement speed of friendly military units within its radius.
  • It is exclusively constructed by the Engineer (Unit) Engineer starting the Bronze Age.


It was first shown in through the Project Celeste forum post Weekly Blog #25: Engineer, Millarium on January 4th, 2020.

Millarium Closeup

Millaria were stone pillars precisely placed along roads that contained helpful information for logistics, such as distances and directions between destinations across the Empire. Quite a few are still standing today. Our Millarium will buff the movement speed of friendly military units within its radius. Not only does this help the Romans when fighting near one, but building them all over the map allows the Romans quickly reinforce their armies from anywhere, which is very consistent with history. An army marches on its stomach, and Rome’s supply lines and logistics were often the difference in battle.

Millarium Progression across the ages, much similar to Town Centers and Babylonian Ziggurats and Gardens.

A note on the name: While we have already given the Romans more than enough Latin names, the English word for the Millarium is Milestone. Since AoEO already has Milestones, which are totally unrelated, we decided to stick to the Roman word. As for the 3D model of the Engineer, we have some concept art, but Chaos and Happy Smurf improved it quite a bit. His assortment of bizarre tools were their idea, and we think that really gives him character (and stand out in the field). The Engineer has always reminded us of the inverse of the Sapper – the Engineer constructs what the Sapper destroys. So we appreciate that they resemble each other.