The Norse' Milestones' are a group of special technologies available for the Norse Civilization.

The following are exclusive Milestones are exclusive to the Norse Civilization and are unlocked at levels 5, 10, 20, 30 and 40. At each Milestone, the player can choose between two specialized bonuses to improve his effectiveness in all quests (excluding PvP). Milestone Techs can be found in the Technology page at the Capital City's Palace. Unlike other Tech Tree choices, the Milestone techs can't be reset. Any Civillization can select one unlocked milestone from each Civillization they own to be used along with their own milestones.

Level 5 Milestones
Scavenging Scavenging Decreases Outpost and Watch Post cost by 25%
Seafarers Seafarers Increases Ship damage by 10%
Level 10 Milestones
Stirrups Stirrups Increases Cavalry snare resistance by 15%

Raiding Party

Increases Cavalry bonus damage vs. Villagers by 50%
Level 20 Milestones
HerbalRemedies Herbal Remedies Increased Priest healing rate by 15%
FavorableWinds Favorable Winds Increases Ship movement speed by 10%
Level 30 Milestones
Frenzy Frenzy Increases Infantry attack rate by 8%
Sunder Sunder Increases Infantry ignore armor by 8%
Level 40 Milestones
Adaptiveness Adaptiveness Increases Infantry, Ranged, and Cavalry bonus damage protection by 25%
Parry Parry Increases Infantry, Ranged, and Cavalry melee-infantry armor by 15%

Other CivsEdit

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