The Greek Milestones are a group of special technologies available for the Greek Civilization.

The following Milestones are exclusive to the Greek Civilization and are unlocked at levels 5, 10, 20, 30 and 40. At each Milestone, the player can choose between two specialized bonuses to improve his effectiveness in all quests (excluding PvP). Milestone Techs can be found in the Technology page at the Capital City's Palace. Unlike other Tech Tree choices, the Milestone techs can't be reset. Any Civillization can select one unlocked milestone from each Civillization they own to be used along with their own milestones.

Level 5 Milestones
Foraging Foraging Increases Villager gathering rate from Berry Bushes by 6%.
Harvesting Harvesting Decreases Storehouse tech cost by 15%.
Level 10 Milestones
Servitude Servitude Decreases Villager cost by 8%.
Sentries Sentries Increases Infantry line-of-sight by 20%.
Level 20 Milestones
FieldRations Field Rations Enables 1 Health per second regen for Infantry, Ranged, and Cavalry units.
Pankrationing Pankrationing Increases Infantry damage by 8%.
Level 30 Milestones
Thoroughbred Thoroughbred Increases Cavalry health by 8%.
SiegeEfficiency Siege Efficiency Decreases Palintonon cost by 8%.
Level 40 Milestones
Parapets Parapets Increases Building damage by 10%.
Husbandry Husbandry Decreases Cavalry training time by 5%.

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