The Egyptian Milestones are a group of special technologies available for the Egyptian Civilization.

The following Milestones are exclusive to the Egyptian Civilization, and are unlocked at levels 5, 10, 20, 30 and 40. At each Milestone, the player can choose between two specialized bonuses to improve his effectiveness in all quests (excluding PvP). Milestone Techs can be found in the Technology page at the Capital City's Palace. Unlike other Tech Tree choices, the Milestone techs can't be reset. Any Civillization can select one unlocked milestone from each Civillization they own to be used along with their own milestones.

Level 5 Milestones
Excavation Excavation Increases Villager Stone conservation by 25%
TalatatConstruction Talatat Construction Decreases Building build time by 8%
Level 10 Milestones
Trample Trample Increases Cavalry damage by 8%
Offerings Offerings Decreases Priest cost by 15%
Level 20 Milestones
Overwatch Overwatch Increases Ranged line-of-sight by 20%
SiegeEngineers Siege Engineers Decreases Siege training time by 5%
Level 30 Milestones
MultifacetedConstruction Multifaceted Construction Increases Building health by 10%
Soldiering Soldiering Increases Infantry, Ranged, and Cavalry health by 3%
Level 40 Milestones
Prosperity Prosperity Grants a small trickle of 0.25 Food, Wood, Gold, and Stone per second.
RidingCrop Riding Crop Increases Cavalry movement speed by 5%.

Recommended Milestones Edit

Excavatation or Talatat Construction

Trample or Offerings

  • Both good choices.
    • Trample favors the War Elephant players.
    • Offerings favors the priest players.

Overwatch or Siege Engineers

  • Infantry and Cavalry should be the scouts not your ranged, siege however takes too long to produce and the Siege Engineers can help lighten the burden.

Multi-faced Construction or Soldiering

  • One milestone provides health for stationary buildings, and another milestone provides health to moving soldiers that can actually fight. Decide.

Prosperity or Riding Crop

  • The resource trickle can be very helpful at the beginning of the game, however it is important to note that a villager gathers at 1 resource a second with no upgrades and a decent storehouse. This means that Prosperity is similar to having an extra villager at the beginning of the game. Riding Crop on the other hand, will increase the movement speed of your cavalry especially useful for civilizations which use cavalry such as Babylon (Lancers) or Egypt (Elephants).

Other CivsEdit

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