The Babylonian Milestones are a group of special technologies available for the Babylonian Civilization.

The following are Milestones exclusive to the Babylonian Civilization and are unlocked at levels 5, 10, 20, 30 and 40. At each Milestone, the player can choose between two specialized bonuses to improve his effectiveness in all quests (excluding PvP). Milestone Techs can be found in the Technology page at the Capital City's Palace. Unlike other Tech Tree choices, the Milestone techs can't be reset. Any Civillization can select one unlocked milestone from each Civillization they own to be used along with their own milestones.

Level 5 Milestones
Construction Construction Decreases Barracks cost by 15%.
Fishermen Fishermen Decreases Fishing Boat cost by 20%.
Level 10 Milestones
Apprenticeship Apprenticeship Increases Villager repair rate by 15%.
QuarryingMilestone Quarrying Increases Villager gathering rate from Stone Mines by 6%.
Level 20 Milestones
Architecture Architecture Decreases Town Center cost by 15%.
Surplus Surplus Grants 25 starting Food, Wood, Gold, and Stone.
Level 30 Milestones
Sturdiness Sturdiness Increases Infantry health by 8%.
StalwartRanks Stalwart Ranks Increases Ranged health by 8%.
Level 40 Milestones
Fabrication Fabrication Decreases Siege cost by 4%.
Mobilization Mobilization Decreases Military training time by 3%.

Recommended Milestones Edit

Construction or Fishermen

  • Construction is more recommended than Fishermen because when do you use fishing boats in this game often? Not so often than barracks.

Apprenticeship or Quarrying

  • It's not like Quarrying is a great choice, it's just Apprenticeship provides a repair rate, you're not going to repair that often and you can just add villagers to repair it faster.

Architecture or Surplus

  • Architecture seems a better choice. Although, the surplus sounds better in the early economic, it will become useless thourgh the rest of the game, while a surplus provides you extra resources by 25. Architecture will provide you resource reduction of wood and stone of a town center heavily.

Sturdiness or Stalwart Ranks

  • Infantry units should be your tank, not your archers. Therefore, sturdiness.

Fabrication or Mobilization

  • Mobilization sounds a better choice because it's a tabletop milestone, it reduce training time of all military units including siege! The cost reduction of the siege is too significantly small to make a difference when you're massing siege.

Other CivsEdit

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