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The Lucky Chest is an item in Age of Empires Online.

Acquisition Edit

The Lucky chest is an item that can be acquired at Moe's Mystorium for 50 coins.

You can also get the "Lucky Chest" at the Empire Store for 5 Empire Points.

Gameplay Edit

When the chest is opened you will get a Sack of Coins, which again can be sold back to any store for Coin.

The value of these Sack of Coins are random, most commonly you'll get sacks worth only 1 gold, but the value can be much higher if you're lucky.

Note Edit

  • For the percentage of chance to get each Sack of Coins, see Lucky Chest/Drop rate.
  • It is not recommended to use this as a method of converting EP to coin. For 100 EP the item Berserker Wolves can be acquired with 3 uses, allowing you to rush a skirmish match for far more than the 20 rolls of the lucky chest is likely to pay out (highest chance of getting 20 coin, vs a small skirmish map at level 5 giving 40 coins per (or 120 coin).

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