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Northern Islands
Level Required40
Quest Req.The Adventures of Brennos and Comontorios
CivilizationsBabylonian, Celtic, Egyptian, Greek, Persian.
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Lodi is a city within Italy region. It is available to all civilizations once the player the recieves the The Adventures of Brennos and Comontorios quest from Marcus Pollux.


Shield of Lodi

Lodi is a Celtic village of the Insubri tribe of Cisalpine Gaul. Allies with many neighboring tribes such as the Senones and Ligurians, Lodi occupies a strategic position south of the Alps near the Po River. From there, it keeps a watchful eye on the shifting powers to the south and could even serve one day as a base camp for a Celtic invasion of Italy.




  • The Adventures of Brennos and Comontorios
  • Assisting Fisherman Finnbar
    • Invasion of Nikaia (normal • elite • legendary)
    • Invasion of Aegitna (normal • elite • legendary)
  • Aiding King Brennos
    • Invasion of Ouikos (normal • elite • legendary)
    • Invasion of Cremona (normal • elite • legendary)
    • Invasion of Dunum (normal • elite • legendary)
    • Invasion of Verona (normal • elite • legendary)
    • Brennos Attacks (normal • elite • legendary)
  • The Forgotten Bow - completed after finishing all 7 legendary variants of the quests packs.
  • Slaying Champions

As well as 9 side quests between elite and repeatable quests unlocked after acepting the questline and assisting Finnbar:

  • Drowning the Oxubii Warships
  • Egyptian Fleet
  • Attack at Mediolanum
  • Invading Egyptians
  • Brennos Invades
  • Greek Fleet
  • Repeat Greek Fleet
  • Lots of Barbarians!
  • Invading Babylonians