Library of Horus
UsePlay previous year's summer event legendary quests
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Library of Horus is an event related building that can be built in the Capital City

Overview Edit

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It allows access to the quest Legendary: General Setredet's Demise, which was a legendary quest part of the Summer Event Quests of 2019 and 2020.

The quest giver Librarian of Horus is placed in front of the building after its placed in the Capital City.

The cost of placing in the Capital City is 3 of each of the Summer Materials:

Summer Event 2020 Edit


Library Closeup Announcement

It was possible to acquire the blueprint from the Rhakotis General Store during the 2020 Summer Event for SummerPoints 17k Summer Points

Blueprint LibraryOfHorus StoreIcon LibraryOfHorus
Blueprint Icon Store Icon

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