Alliance The Legion of Carthage
Legion of Carthage is one of the Alliances in Age of Empires Online.

Overview Edit

Legion of Carthage is the ideal Alliance for players who tend to focus on military and tactical combat.

Unique Features Edit

  • Join Hannibal and his Legion on an all-out war.
  • On certain alliance quests, Hannibal will accompany you and provides a great charge ability that breaks enemies's morale.
  • Passive bonuses commits stronger and quick training soldiers while also committing more food gathering.
  • Legion's gears designed as warlike and provides soldiers with durable gears in battle.

Inhabitants Edit

Equipment Edit

A sampling of what the Legion of Carthage offers:

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Passive Bonuses Edit

  • Strength of Carthage – Increases land Military damage
  • Mercenaries – Decreases land Military train time
  • Merchant Trade – Increases food Gathering rate

More info about passive bonuses can be found in Alliance Wars Ranks

Leader: Hannibal, son of Hamilcar Barca Edit

The renowned General of Carthage is a military commander and tactician. With the Blade of Ba’al he leads troops into combat with a relentless charge, eviscerating all foes surrounding him.


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RL carthage

Real Life: Reconstruction of 2nd century BCE Carthage.

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Carthage (wikipedia link).

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