Legendary Armaments
Usesells equipment for Coin.png Coins
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In Legendary Armaments you can buy Equipment for your Units. All items are bought with Coins. The store is located on the island of Cyprus

Items[edit | edit source]

Items available:

Item Name Cost
Arrows of Actaeon 17,500 C
Bow of Amenhotep 20,000 C
Staff of Amenhotep 24,000 C
Gladius of Bellerophon 21,500 C
Shield of Bellerophon 15,000 C
Gorget of Bellerophon 24,000 C
Heavy Spear of Enkidu 22,500 C
Breastplate of Enkidu 27,500 C
Greaves of Enkidu 16,000 C
Armoring of Archimedes 26,000 C

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