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While the release was part of the April Fools, later it was confirmed that part of the blog post was true, including the Indian civilization development.

The Indians are a civilization under development by Project Celeste


The Mauryan Empire (and late Nanda Empire) -- roughly 350 BCE to 150 BCE and would include the time of Alexander the Great, even though that was a few years before the Mauryan Empire). The Mauryan Empire was the first empire to unify almost all of India and represents ancient India at its height.


Civilization Motif: Customization. (For context, the Motif of the Persians is Versatility and the Motif of the Romans is Quality of Quantity)

The Indians will "introduce a new mechanic unique to their civilization where in a quest or match, the player chooses several different Techs to research at the exclusion of researching other possible Techs. In this way, the player can modify the civ’s specialties on a quest-to-quest or match-to-match basis. We have not decided how many Techs this will involve (perhaps one in Age 2, Age 3, and Age 4, or perhaps more). We presently do not expect players to choose between mutually exclusive Units or Buildings. We do not have a name or this feature yet but have been calling it Choose-a-Tech in conversations. We also do not have any other details hashed out, such as whether these Techs will be located in a specific building or spread across the Tech Tree, etc."

  • "Possible Quest Givers: Chandragupta, Maurya, Ashoka, Chanakya
  • Main City: Pataliputra"


"Strengths: Midgame power spike (late Age 2/Age 3) (as opposed to early game (Celts/Norse) and late game (Egyptians, Babylonians, Romans). Customizable Tech Tree. Other strengths are to be determined, possibly leaning more defensive/economic.

Weaknesses: Specifics are to be determined, but obviously they are weaker where they are not strong.

Key Units: Elephants, both military and economic Maceman (with use of the Club gear class). Others are to be determined (many of us have strong opinions but we haven't all agreed).

The Indians are to be a pro civ starting in Level 20. Possibly released with a booster pack (like the Fertile Crescent and Northern Invasion), but presently we are looking only at releasing the civ itself (like the Persians). Of course we would later follow it up with quest packs, etc. We intend to begin development in earnest in Summer, 2021, though some of our team are already working away (such as 3d models, 2d art, historic research regarding possible Units, Buildings, Techs, and beginning study of Sanskrit for writing the Unit vocals. We consider any headway made in the next few months to be a head start and likely wont begin tracking progress and so forth until mid-summer. It is very important for us to give the team several months off. Things are going well, so we would rather brace against burn out than push anyone now."


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