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I'm Nothing Without You
Argos Co-op Quests
Giver(s)Argos Captain
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I'm Nothing Without You is a Quest given by the Argos Captain in Age of Empires Online, which belongs to the Argos Co-op Quests.

Quest Objectives[]

Defeat all enemies with a co-op partner.
Co-op Only

  • Enemies Defeated



Quest Giver Quotes[]

Argos Captain
Well. Perhaps I should not have been so hasty.

You routed the scouts. And then dealt with the captain Clearchus sent in response. But that has not caused the mercenaries to waver.

In fact, Clearchus seems more interested in us now. An entire army of his, under the command of his archon, has been diverted toward us. I don't need to tell you how dangerous that is.
Argos Captain
Clearchus has a lot of mean, angry, heavily armed troops...
Argos Captain
Ha! Clearchus cannot ignore the message you've sent. There are easier targets out there. He will aim for them.


  • Have 1 player focus on walling off all chokepoints except the one that is closest to the enemy village.( one village will always be significantly closer then the other) While player 1 does that player 2 focueses on getting to fotress age and builds a fort next to the entrance and builds a temple to train monks. have monks convert as many elite soldiers as you can.
  • Another tip is actually a requirement. You need a balanced army to win. Player 1 in my case built cavarly to take care of any seige that tried to slips by,(unlike the other missions this one they only bring battering rams, no ballistas or palintoons.) A premium greek member makes this missions easier for spamming the age 3 units from the fort that you recieve only from your advisor card. If this is not an option i recomend using hoplites instead. Remeber these are just a wall for your priest to convert.
  • An obvious tip is economy. A booming economey is needed to supply your constantly dieing army in this mission. Caravans are a must because the gold mins will run out very quickly. Though you have acces to ocean next to your base I recomend not building any docks or ships to not atract the attention of the sea people's elite navy.