Greek Infantry Unit
Age AvailableBronzeAgeIcon Bronze Age
Hit Points230
Sight Range20
Train Time11 s.
Food 30 Wood 0 Gold 25 Population 1
Armor vs. infantry0.3
Armor vs. siege0.3
Bonus vs. infantry2.5
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The Hypaspist is a Greek Infantry Unit in Age of Empires Online.

Overview Edit

  • Wielding dual swords, the Hypaspist cuts through other infantry with ease.

Equipment Slots Edit


History Edit

This unit, known as the Hypaspistai, or hypaspists were probably armed as hoplites rather than as pikemen in Alexander the Great's Macedonian army. In battle they were probably armed with the Greek aspis (shield), spolas or stola body-armor, helmet, greaves and a xiphos although their equipment might be more ornate than main-line soldiers.[1]


  • combined with a large army of Toxotes can become a very powerful army

Images Edit

Unit mycenaeanhypaspist

Mycenaean Hypaspist (Not usable)


Ingame Hypaspist

References Edit

  1. Macedonian Warrior Alexander's elite infantryman,page 41,ISBN 9781841769509,2006
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