Hoplite drawn
Greek Infantry Unit
Age AvailableSilverAgeIcon Silver Age
Hit Points340
Sight Range20
Train Time15 s.
Food 40 Wood 0 Gold 40 Population 1
Armor vs. ranged0.2 (0.3)
Armor vs. siege0.5
Bonus vs. cavalry1.5
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The Hoplite is a Greek Infantry Unit in Age of Empires Online.

PvP Values which are different are put in brackets ().

Overview Edit

  • Heavily armored, the Hoplite resists damage from Ranged units while effectively battling Cavalry and Siege units.
  • Mycenean Hoplites (a consumable that summons a hoplite variant with golden armor) can be bought in Mycenae

Equipment Slots Edit



  • Hoplites have high health per pop, and make good meat-shields for ranged balls.


  • As the solution to city-state warfare, the Hoplite was a heavily armored warrior-citizen who went to war when the city-state called upon him.
  • These warrior-citizens had to purchase and maintain their own armour and weapons since the state could not provide them.
  • Many of the people that were called to war could not afford heavy armour, and wore only a shield, a spear and a leather helmet. The leather helmet was more comfortable than one made out of metal, and affordable. Greaves were used rarely, as they were heavy, uncomfortable and reduced mobility. We commonly refer the to the shield as "hoplon" nowadays, but the Ancient Greeks called it "aspis". [Ta hopla] meant "weapons", including armor.
  • Only till the later years of Ancient Greece did these warriors replace their heavy armour for lighter armour allowing better mobility against skirmishers and missile-armed troops like peltasts.
Hoplite screenshot small

In-game Hoplite without gear


Unusable Mycenaean Hoplite

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