Help The Nubian Trader
Egyptian Tutorial Campaign
Giver(s)Nubian Trader
CityNubian Expedition
ConcurrentTravelers and Traders
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Help The Nubian Trader is a Quest in Age of Empires Online, which belongs to the Egyptian Tutorial Campaign.

Quest Objectives Edit

Help the Nubian Trader rebuild his village. Build a Temple of Ra, then build Farms and rescue his captured family members with your Transport.

  • Temple of Ra Built: 0/1
  • Bronze Age Reached
  • Wood Gathered: 0/400
  • Farms Built: 0/4
  • Family Members Rescued by Transport: 10/10

Rewards Edit


  • Large Bush Tub x2
  • Egyptian Flagpole x2
  • Stone Blocks x100
  • Pine Planks x100

Quest Giver Dialog Edit

It is good to see you arrive! I am a trader and little else. I have no skill for leadership or combat, but I know how to bargain for it.

You see, the Badari razed my home village, stole the wares I was storing there, and took my family to press into labor.

I have the blueprints you need for your Capital City, and you have the skills I need to restore my village. It is a fair trade, right?
Do you wish to bring beauty to your home? Restore mine!
May all the gods of providence bless you. It is as though the Badari never attacked! Please take these with my sincere desire that you bring all of Egypt under your command.
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