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Strategy Edit

  • Right from the beginning you are attacked by waves and waves of large groups of troops. It is advisable to wall yourself in and tower yourself (you start with 4 towers). The waves of troops that come to attack you are so consistent and of such a large size its difficult to do anything other than keep repairing your walls and building new towers.
  • In order to secure resources you have to tower and wall off gold, stone, and wood to protect your workers (you can see 2 such outposts in the mini map of the screen shot), and you must set up the defense very quickly.
  • If you are able to win what will probably happen is the enemy will run out of resources and will no longer be able to attack you, at which point you can counter attack and kill them, their base is pretty strong but a large army should do it.
  • Co-op: Its highly advisable that you do this on co-op. For co-op, the blue player can tower/wall themselves as they will be the one who is mostly attacked anyways. The teal player can mass an army to kill the Trojans. This strategy works well as attaining resources is difficult, and if you don't have to spend it all on defense like in single player it makes things easier.
  • Consumables, arm yourself with consumables like Bandit Fortress, Bandit Towers or even Mycenean Bowmen.
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