Hector Must Fall
Greek Main Campaign
Giver(s)Troy Agamemnon
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Hector Must Fall is a Quest in Age of Empires Online, which belongs to the Greek Main Campaign.

This map has 2 bandit camps directly to the south east of the the player's starting town, and one to the far west of the map -- all bandit camps are far from enemy bases. Allowing for very easy chest farming at level 16.

Quest Objectives[edit | edit source]

Join Achilles to kill Hector and his elite guards.

  • Hector Killed: 0/1
  • Elite Guards Killed: 0/10

Rewards[edit | edit source]

7.26.2019 values for a completed mission

Choose One Of
You Will Also Recieve

Quest Giver Quotes[edit | edit source]

Troy Agamemnon
Keep what I am about to say to yourself. I've been looking at Troy's army and defenses, and I am now certain that she is too difficult for our force. Hector leads the Trojan forces with great skill, and his presence emboldens his men.

Achilles has volunteered to track down and deal with Hector and his elite guard. If Hector can be slain, then all of Troy will be shattered.

Since this mission cannot afford to fail, we need you. With help from Achilles, track down and kill Hector.
Troy Agamemnon
Hector must die!
Troy Agamemnon
We will give Troy a few days to mourn the loss of Hector. After that, they will mourn the loss of Troy itself.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

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