The Greek Campaign is the line of quests exclusively available to the Greek civilization in Age of Empires Online.

Quests Edit

NormalQuest Our First Enemy
NormalQuest Food Equals Villagers
NormalQuest Wood Equals Buildings
GlobalQuest Gear Haul
NormalQuest Eliminating a Threat
NormalQuest Bronze Age Technology (Greek)
GlobalQuest Bright Lights, Big City
NormalQuest Up for a Bit of Fishing? (Greek) NormalQuest Ready to Build Some Farms? (Greek) NormalQuest Mow 'Em Down! NormalQuest Help the Mycenaean Trader
NormalQuest Get the Goods TravelQuest The Empire Bazaar
NormalQuest A Show of Support
GlobalQuest Crafter's Calling NormalQuest Here They Come! NormalQuest Fishing Our Waters
RepeatQuest Craftsmen Rescue RepeatQuest Craft Shipment Recovery NormalQuest We Found Them NormalQuest The Port Master's Children
GlobalQuest I'd Like an Advisor with That Hall (Greek) TravelQuest Helping Out a Neighbor GlobalQuest The Bandit Leaders RepeatQuest The Bandit Armada
NormalQuest Buy the Farm NormalQuest Advisor Protection NormalQuest Draco's Legion NormalQuest Clitus Attacks NormalQuest Homer Run
NormalQuest The Faster Farmer RepeatQuest Keep Them Under Our Wing TravelQuest Helping Agamemnon RepeatQuest Kill the Docks
NormalQuest Farming at the Speed of Light NormalQuest Baby Steps Back to the Throne
NormalQuest Farmasmic Farmania NormalQuest Show Our Power
NormalQuest Easy with the Farming, Slugger NormalQuest Draw Them Out
NormalQuest It's the Final Farm Down NormalQuest Reclaiming the Throne
TravelQuest Visit King Agamemnon
NormalQuest Protect Our People
NormalQuest Give to the Needy NormalQuest Restore the Treasury NormalQuest Mycenaean Outer Defenses RepeatQuest Trade for Delphi Limestone
RepeatQuest Wanted: Boar Tusks
NormalQuest A Friendly Little Loan NormalQuest A Few Good Men RepeatQuest Wanted: Thieves RepeatQuest Wanted: The Vill Killers
NormalQuest Honor the Gods RepeatQuest Back to You Tenfold GlobalQuest Helen Has Been Taken! NormalQuest Last-Minute Cleanup
NormalQuest The Harvest NormalQuest Take the Beach! NormalQuest Battering Practice
NormalQuest Spread the Word TravelQuest The King of Ithaca NormalQuest Practice Makes Perfect
NormalQuest Gold for the Gods RepeatQuest Preaching to the Masses NormalQuest Secure a Foothold NormalQuest Demolition Man
NormalQuest Is It Any Wonder! GlobalQuest I Have a Cunning Plan NormalQuest Hold the Fort! NormalQuest Not Without a Bomb!
NormalQuest I Need a Hero
NormalQuest Hector Must Fall
NormalQuest Never Let Them See You Coming
NormalQuest Horsing Around
NormalQuest Big King, Big Ego TravelQuest Returning Home
RepeatQuest What an Egomaniac NormalQuest Defend Mycenae! TravelQuest New Troy Needs Assistance!
NormalQuest We Need a Force RepeatQuest Keeping Control
NormalQuest Big is Better!
NormalQuest Size Matters!
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