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Greek Blueprints is one of 6 stores on Vanity Island. All items purchasable in this store, and in any other store on Vanity Island, are for cosmetic purposes only and do not affect your units or civilization in any way. They just look nice.


Items available:

Item Name Cost
Large Bush Planter 5 EP
Small Bush Planter 5 EP
Round Greek Gazebo 20 EP
Square Greek Gazebo 40 EP
Potted Tall Cypress Tree 10 EP
Short Cypress Tree 5 EP
Potted Cypress Tree 10 EP
Tall Cypress Tree 10 EP
Tiered Fountain 100 EP
Ornate Fountain 150 EP
Greek Flagpole 3 EP
Greek Vases 3 EP
Hypaspist Statue 5 EP
Hoplite Statue 15 EP
Archer Statue 15 EP
Peltast Statue 15 EP
Priest Statue 20 EP
Hippikon Statue 40 EP
Mounted Warrior Statue 40 EP
Statue of Winged Victory 425 EP