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Good Ol' Peepaw is a Quest in Age of Empires Online, which belongs to the Rare Building Quests.

Quest Objectives & Rewards[]

Gather Maple Sap and escort Peepaw to the forest's edge.

  • Find Peepaw:0/1
  • Mapple Sap Collected: 0/5
  • Peepaw Escorted to House: 0/1

Quest Giver Quotes[]

Mamu Shannon
Oh, dear! Peepaw wandered into the woods to collect Maple Sap for making real maple syrup. But now it's dark, and he hasn't returned!
Can you find him and guide him home with his sap?
Mamu Shannon
Don't tell Peepaw, but I prefer the Egyptian syrup. It has the butter mixed right in, you know...
Mamu Shannon
I am so relieved, thank you! And he doesn't even look much worse than usual.

Strategy & Tips[]

  • One of the quest objectives is an item (Maple Sap) that will stay with you permanently.
    • 5 Maple Sap will be turned in to Mamu to complete the quest, but any others that are found can be sold at a vendor for 1 coin each.
  • It is possible to gather from one or two trees and restart the quest until you have the five required.
  • Those doing the Wanted: The Vill Killers quest will find this quest very useful as there are between 10 and 15 normal (not guardian) wolves on this quest.
  • The Guard Wolves do count towards Wanted: Thieves (Greek) and Wanted: Thieves (Egyptian), making it possible to earn these global quests quickly by restarting the quest multiple times.

Guarded Loot[]

A randomly placed loot chest

  • Most of the time all of the guarded treasure is tree sap, but on rare occasions one of the trees will be replaced with a lightly guarded chest (see image).