The Golden Age is the fourth and final Age in Age of Empires Online.

Gameplay Edit

  • It comes after Silver Age.
  • The only new building available for construction in this age is the Wonder.
  • The most powerful units and the champion unit upgrades become available.
  • During this age, players are often limited by the comparatively high cost of upgrades, which require almost the same quantity of resources as Wonders do.
  • It is often in this age that a player will invest in a more specific strategy.
  • Requires exactly 75 seconds to research if you do not have any research speed increase bonuses.
  • Requires 70 seconds to research in Champion Mode.
  • Researched at the Town Center for the Greek, Celtic, Persian, and Norse Civilizations and the Ziggurat for the Babylonian Civilization. Egyptian Civilizations need to build the Temple of Ptah to advance to the Golden Age.
  • You can use this age after level 15.

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