Global Quests are broader tasks that can span across multiple other Quests. As an example, if you are tasked with destorying 100 Fishing Boats, the game will register whenever a Fishing Boat is killed during any of your Campaign, Side-Quest, or Repeatable Quests, and give you a status if you look at the quest info. These Quests will take several forms, like:

  • Finding a special unit and bringing it back to your Town Center. The unit has to be captured and under your control like Cows or Sheep, then directed back to or very close to your Town Center. Sometimes the game will register this poorly and you do best to select the unit and right-clicking your Town Center.
  • Killing a set number of Wild Animals.
  • Killing a set number of an enemy unit.
  • Destroying a set number of an enemy building.
  • Performing a repeatable action with one of your own units. Example, converting Villagers with Greek Priests in (missing).

Shared Global QuestsEdit

Quests that both Greeks and Egyptians can perform.

Greek Global QuestsEdit

Found here, Greek Global Quests.

Egyptian Global QuestsEdit

Found here, Egyptian Global Quests.

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