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Giza Limestone is an Egyptian crafting material needed for rare items and Egyptian 20-slot warehouse King Tut's Attic. It is itself rare, and can be bought from other players, or slowly accumulated (5 pieces per 12-hour refresh mission) by a repeatable quest at the Nubian Expedition called Trade for Giza Limestone.

Used in the following blueprints[]

Medium Egyptian Residence - 1 per

Large Egyptian Residence - 2 per

King Tut's Attic - 10 per

Small Obelisk - 1 per

Obelisk - 2 per

Large Obelisk - 3 per

Small Step Pyramid - 3 per

Old Temple - 3 per

Mystic Temple - 3 per

Item information:[]

Can be stacked 100 units per inventory space.