General Zu's Glory Days Quest Pack
Global Campaign
Requiredlevel 30
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The General Zu's Glory Days Quest Pack is a quest line developed by Project Celeste.

Gameplay Edit

Follow that dastardly General Zu as reminisces about his old battles, and help him relive his fondest memories when he served under the great King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon.

Features Edit

  • New Babylonian-themed quests, with lot's of unique and challenging objectives.
  • New Legendary quests aimed at level 40 players who have already reached the endgame.
  • Offers great Elite-repeatable quests.
  • Lot's of high xp quests, great to level up.

Legendary Quests Edit

  • Susa in Strife
  • Euphrates in Disorder
  • More Mad Medians in Mesopotamia!
  • Trouble at Tigris
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