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General Store
UseSpend Coin in Resources, Consumables and Capital City Buildings
LimitOne per Capital City
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The General Store is a starting Capital City shop for every Civilization in Age of Empires Online.


Here you can buy resources and consumables.

Items available:

Item Name Cost
Copper Heavy Spear

20 C

True Shot Arrows 30 C
Imperial Pine Fortifications 35 C
Copper Breastplate 40 C
Special Ability: Recon Man 60 C
Animal Hides (20) 15 C
Copper Ingots (20)

15 C

Grain (20) 15 C
Pine Planks (20) 15 C
Stone Blocks (20) 15 C
Ra's Basement 125 C
Storecauphagus 200 C
Logger's Workshop 100 C
Mason's Workshop 100 C
Skinner's Workshop 100 C
Smelter's Workshop 100 C
Farmer's Workshop 100 C
Small residence [1][2][3][4][5][6] 25 C

General Stores:

Project Celeste Development[]

During the Roman civilization development by Project Celeste the Roman building model was displayed along the other General Stores in the Weekly Blog #15: Palintonon, Palace, General Store forum post on September 14th, 2019.