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Gear Hall
UseEquipping gear in the civilization's units.
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The Gear Hall is a Capital City building for every Civilization in Age of Empires Online.


  • The Gear Hall is city building used to equip gear to units and buildings.
  • It is unlocked in "Pro" civilizations, while Celtic, Egyptian, Greek and Roman have access to it through quests.


During the Roman civilization development by Project Celeste the Roman building model was displayed along the other Gear Halls in the Weekly Blog #22: Gear Hall, 16-Slot and 20-Slot Warehouses forum post on November 23rd, 2019.

Conceptual/3D model art from the Roman gear Hall.

Unsurprisingly, the Gear Hall is the Capital City building players use to edit their Unit and Building Gear. However, since the main screen has a set button to open the same window, the Gear Hall is a bit redundant – similar to the Treasury. Nevertheless, our Capital Cities would look incomplete without them, so Happy Smurf and Chaos took care to make the Romans one. We had concept art, but we made some changes, too. Overall, it fits in very nicely.
We had concept art, but we made some changes, too. Overall, it fits in very nicely. You can still click on the Gear Hall to access your gear, but it is not necessary. These Capital City buildings are probably about as close as civ design gets to drudgery, but Chaos and Happy Smurf always have a way to find something interesting. Here, they fussed about the statue in the concept art and decided that it didn’t look right and went instead with those handsome hedges.