Roman Utility Building
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The Forum is a Roman Utility Building in Age of Empires Online.

Gameplay Edit

  • The Forum is a building in which you can research technologies to increase the power of your city and troops.


The following technologies are available to be researched at the Forum, but they need to be unlocked from the Capital City.

SPQR Aqueducts
S.P.Q.R. Aqueducts
ArchConstruction Fortifications
ArchConstruction Fortifications

Equipment Slots Edit


Week 10 - Forum
This building will function similarly to the Greek Academy, in that it will only contain technologies.[1]

As discussed in our Building Design Blog, some AoEO civilizations have a Custom Building that contains only Technologies. These unique Technologies serve a strong role in distinguishing what is special about that civ. The Greek Academy focuses on Buildings, Towers, and Arrow Fire. The Celt Bard Hall focuses on Infantry upgrades. The Persian War Academy and Babylonian Ziggurat are Unique Buildings that blend their civ-specific Techs with their Priest Unit production facility.

The Roman Forum will follow the standard model and contain only Technologies.

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