Food Food is a unique form of resource in Age of Empires Online that can be obtained by using Villagers to harvest Berry Bushes, Fish, Hunt, Herd, tend Farms, by Fishing using Fishing Boats, or by purchasing it using Gold at the Market. It is the primary resource for hiring most units.

Game Info Edit

Berry Bushes - Berry Bushes can be found all over the map and provide a slow income of food in large amounts for players to gather using Villagers. Almost all maps begin with a few Berry Bushes near the Town Center. However, berry bushes are not recommended to be gathered in the late ages as farms can replace them and berry bushes do not provide unlimited food.

Herding - Goats and Cows can be found strewn about most maps as neutral creatures and when approached will change ownership and can be ordered and brought back to your Storehouse or Town Center. Villagers pathed on them will butcher them and proceed to gather a limited amount of food from them. Villagers who herd will gather food faster than farming and gathering berries, but is slower than gathering food from animals.

Hunting - Various animals are found throughout the map and can be slain using military units or Villagers, Villagers can then gather limited food from their corpses. Huntable animals include Deer, Gazelle, Lions, Crocodiles, and Elephants. Hunting are one of the two methods that can be gathered the fastest.

Farming - Beginning in the Bronze Age, Villagers can construct Farms and then tend them to gather food infinitely. Gathering food from farms can be slow but expensive upgrades can make gathering food faster.

Fishing - Located in water various Fishing spots can be found, by tasking a Villager to the ones close to shore, or a Fishing Boat to the ones farther out, you can gather a limited amount of food. Fishing are faster to gather than any of these method except Hunting since they are both equal.

Food can also be purchased for Gold at a Market.

Food Related Upgrades Edit

HuntingDogs PickersGloves Plow Irrigation CropRotation
Plow Irrigation Crop

Advisors that affects food Edit

These are advisors that help with gathering food faster or in different ways.

ClosetOrganizerIrene NetMakerAapep Seed-MasterAgape IrrigationSpecialistSophia

Buildings that affects food Edit

Farm Garden Market
Farm Garden Market