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Region that are clear are represented in the middle. Region in the left are dim. Region in the right are dark and must be scouted for more information.

Fog of War is a term used to describe areas not visible to a player, as well as that player's units and buildings.

Fog state for a given area is subjective, relative to the player.

States of Fog[]

There are three "states" of fog:

  • Clear
    • Everything in a clear region is visible to the player, player's ally, unit, and buildings.
  • Dim
    • Buildings and units are visible but not currently visible, as these may change.
      • Ex. A fortress may be spotted with 1000 health in dim vision from a previous recon. It may be gone when you next scout it.
  • Dark
    • Nothing in a region of dark can actually be seen. Something may appear out of the dark but the player may never know unless the region is scouted.