Fisherman Finnbar
Fishing Boats cost less, gather faster and have get conservation
Age ActiveCopperAgeIcon Copper Age
Common-20% cost, +8% faster, +10% conservation
Uncommon-30% cost, +12% faster, +15% conservation
Rare-40% cost, +16% faster, +20% conservation
Epic-50% cost, +20% faster, +25% conservation
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Leather-Worker Ptolemais is an Advisor shared by all civilizations, active in Copper Age.

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Common Edit

  • Fishing Boats cost 20% less, gather 8% faster and have 10% conservation

Uncommon Edit

  • Fishing Boats cost 30% less, gather 12% faster and have 15% conservation
  • This version can be bought at Well of Urd Store for 225 Coin Coins

Rare Edit

  • Fishing Boats cost 40% less, gather 16% faster and have 20% conservation

Epic Edit

  • TFishing Boats cost 50% less, gather 20% faster and have 25% conservation

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