Farm (Egyptian)
Egyptian Economy Building
Age availableBronzeAgeIcon Bronze Age
Build time20
Hit points375
Sight range12
Food 0 Wood 100 Gold 0 Stone 0
Armor vs. ranged0.8
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The Farm (Egyptian) is an Egyptian Economy Building in Age of Empires Online.


  • It is used to gather Food Food.
  • It has an infinite amount of Food Food.
  • It has a gatherer limit of 1 Villager.

    Ingame Farm


  • It is preferable to use Wood Wood to build Unit Producing Structures for more units to control other sources of Food Food out on the map before building farms.
  • Building farms for several Villagers is very expensive, therefore, it is better to build farms when all other sources of Food Food on the map are gone.


The Egyptians were great farmers. Living along the Nile River, they had one of the few areas in North Africa where farming was profitable. Even today, Egypt is one of the main world producers of crops, like cotton.

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