Exquisite Epic Edges
UseSells Epic level 40 Equipment
Costx30 ObsidianBlocks Obsidian Blocks
x20 ArchimedesTools Archimedes' Tools
x10 IlluminatedCodexes Illuminated Codexes
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The Exquisite Epic Edges is a Store which can only be built by players in their Capital Cities using a blueprint obtained from a random drop chest.

The store offers level 40 Epic Equipment bought with Coins.

Items Edit

Item Name Type Cost
Leonidas' Horse Guard Spear Heavy Spear 2100 Coins
Prometheus' Guided Javelin Javelin 1900 Coins
Arrows of the Moon Arrows 1750 Coins
Medusa's Bow of Slaughter Bow 1900 Coins
The Executioners Axe Great Axe 2100 Coins
Chiron's Rune-Inscribed Axe Work Tools 2250 Coins
Perseus' Lighting-Struck Makhaira Sword 2200 Coins
Arm of Atlas Throwing Arm 2100 Coins
Ram Head of Aries Ram Head 2100 Coins
Prometheus' Fire Pot Fire Pot 1750 Coins

Media Edit

Exquisite Epic Edges


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