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EmpireStore 08.04.19

Contents of the Empire Store as of August 04th, 2019

The Empire Store was the primary way for Gas Powered Games to drive recurrent sales back when Age of Empires Online was live. As such, the consumables were imbalanced and over-powered to drive players to purchase Empire Points.

Due to Project Celeste being an entirely free project, the consumables were overhauled to behave more like "login rewards".

As such, the quantity went down and the prices went up on most Empire Consumables. As well as a few new items such as Mystery Epic Advisor, which grants a random Epic grade advisor for 275 EP (18.34 days of logging in).

Empire store

One page of the Empire Store as it existed in 2012.

Empire Points (EP) may be earned in other ways than the daily login, for more information on ways to earn EP see the Empire Points Page!

Consumables Edit

For the list of consumables that can be purchased from the Empire Store (and their prices), see the Empire_Consumables page

Random ItemEdit

Unlike the infamous loot boxes (or standard chests), these guarantee the quality of the item in question, with the specific item of that quality being what is randomized.

Warehouses Edit

Main article: Warehouse

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