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Empire Bazaar
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UsePurchasing premium content
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The Empire Bazaar is the Age of Empires Online store used for purchasing vanity stores and bundles for Empire Points Empire Points.


This building comes pre-constructed in your Capital City. With Marcus Pollux giving the "Quests" rewards for each purchase. He either unlocks the the vanity Empire Extras but also serves as a starting Quest Giver for different Quest Packs and Events.-

Empire Extras[]

Empire Bazaar Window

Empire Extras are extra content packs which contain blueprints for various decorative item shops. After purchasing the pack the relevant store can be placed in each of the player's Capital City where they can then purchase the various ornaments for Coin.

  • Startling Statuary: Contains 10 Greek-themed statue types - "Cast a stately impression!"
  • Glorious Gardening: Contains 10 Greek-themed bush and fountain types - "Cultivate garden envy!"
  • Ornate Ornaments: Contains 10 Egyptian-themed statue and decoration types - "A might Pharaoh deserves a beautiful empire!"
  • Bountiful Bushes: Contains 10 Egyptian-themed shrub types - "Glorious gardens are a hallmark of legendary empires!"
  • Tantalizing Topiary: Contains 10 Egyptian and Greek themed topiaries - "Elephants, camels, and crocs, oh my!"