Empire Bazaar
Empire Bazaar
UsePurchasing premium content
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The Empire Bazaar is the Age of Empires Online store, used for purchasing premium content.

  • Note: Would I rather have a premium civilization or free civilization? Decide here.

Gameplay Edit

Empire Bazaar Window

Empire Bazaar Window

This building comes pre-constructed in your Capital City. With Marcus Pollux giving the "Quests" rewards for each purchase. He either unlocks the content (in case of the vanity and booster packs) or gifts special consumables and others (Premium Packs).

Premium Civilizations Edit

  • Premium Greek: Unlocks premium features for your Greek civilization - "The greater your power, the greater your empire!"[1]
  • Premium Egyptian: Unlocks premium features for your Egyptian civilization - "Make all bow down to you, oh, great Pharaoh!"[2]
  • Premium Celtic: Unlocks premium features for your Celitc civilization - "Take charge with the Celtic Infantry"

Pro Civilizations Edit

  • Pro Persian: Allows access to the Persian Civilization with Premium features -"Step into the Lore"
  • Pro Babylonian: Allows access to the Babylonian Civilization with Premium features -"Command the Masters of Mesopotamia"
  • Pro Norse: Allows access to the Norse Civilization with Premium features -"Go on the offensive!"

Booster Packs Edit

Booster Packs contain additional game content which unlock new gamemodes and quests. There is no prerequisite to purchasing a Booster Back.[3] There are only four Booster Packs available. Booster pack can be accessed by all civilizations.

Features Edit

  • Empire Vault - "Shared inventory for all of your civilization!"

Empire Extras Edit

Empire Extras are extra content packs which containt blueprints for various decorative item shops. After purchasing the pack the relavent store can be placed in the player's Capital City where they can then purchase the various ornaments for Coin. They are also regularly awarded as prizes for Wololo Wednesday

Promotions Edit

  • Season Pass 1: The first six months of content (8/16/11 - 2/16/11) - "Big world, huge value"[9]
  • Special Launch Offer: Buy two civilizations and you get a The Defense of Crete as a bonus - "Double your power, triple your fun!"[10]

References Edit

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