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UseSending and receiving messages
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The Embassy is used to send and receive messages in Age of Empires Online. It is already built in your Capital City when starting a City.


  • It is possible buy and sell items from/to other players via this building.
  • To send a message to another user, click on the Embassy and compose your mail.
  • Along with Project Celeste revival of the game. All players receive every 24 the log on 15 Empire Points Empire Points

To Sell an Item[]

  1. Enter the Player who is buying the item.
  2. Enter a subject (usually the item and the quantity).
  3. Enter some text in the body of the mail (it requires text in the body of the mail).
  4. Attach the item in the box provided
  5. Enter the amount of Coins.
  6. Check the C.O.D. (Coins on Delivery) box.
  7. Sending a mail will cost 5 Coin.

NOTE: If you do not Check the C.O.D. you will give the item and the amount of coins to the person!

To Buy an Item[]

  1. Check your mail.
  2. Verify the item.
  3. Verify the price.
  4. Click to move the item into your inventory, and the mailer will receive the amount in coins it was stated.
  5. If the item or the price is not correct, you can simply return the mail.

It is possible to mail yourself. For 5 coin each mail, it could be cheaper to mail items to yourself as temporary storage. Quest/Building will not count items in your mail, nor will items in your mail be used to build buildings in your Capital City.

Project Celeste Development[]

During the Roman civilization development by Project Celeste the Roman building model was displayed along the other Embassies in the Weekly Blog #18: Decurion, Embassy, Age II Analysis on October 5th, 2019.