UseSending and receiving messages
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The Embassy is used to send and receive messages. You can also buy and sell items from/to other players via this building. To send a message to another user, click on the Embassy and compose your mail. [1]

The Embassy building comes pre-constructed in your Capital City.

To Sell an ItemEdit

  • Enter the Player who is buying the item.
  • Enter a subject (usually the item and the quantity).
  • Enter some text in the body of the mail (AoEO requires text in the body of the mail).
  • Attach the item in the box provided
  • Enter the amount of Coins.
  • Check the C.O.D. (Coins on Delivery) box.
  • Sending a mail will cost 5 Coin.
  • If you do not Check the C.O.D. you will give the item and the amount of coins to the person!

To Buy an ItemEdit

  • Check your mail.
  • Verify the item.
  • Verify the price.
  • Click to move the item into your inventory.
  • If the item or the price is not correct, you can simply return the mail.

Due note that currently you can send mail to yourself. For 5 coin each mail, it could be cheaper to mail items to yourself as temporary storage. Quest/Building will not count items in your mail, nor will items in your mail be used to build buildings in your Capital City.

  • To split a stack of items, shift-click on the stack.