Elegant Epic Escutcheons
UseSells Epic level 40 Equipment
Costx30 GuayacanPlanks Guayacan Planks
x20 FlawlessDiamonds Flawless Diamonds
x10 SilkCloth Silk Cloth
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The Elegant Epic Escutcheons is a Store which can only be built by players in their Capital Cities using a blueprint obtained from a random drop chest.

The store offers level 40 Epic Equipment bought with Coins.

Elegant Epic Escutcheons



Item Name Type Cost
Blessed Lion-Hide Covers Armor Plating 1750 Coins
Blessed Glyph Shield Shield 1900 Coins
Geb's Blessed Wall Reinforced Construction 2200 Coins
The Emperor's Finest Robe Cloth Armor 2100 Coins
Cuirass of Achilles Medium Armor 2250 Coins
Ajax's Arrow-Proof Gorget Light Armor 2000 Coins
Styx-Infused Impenetrable Armor Merchant Gear 1750 Coins
Nets of the Wind-Catcher Fishing Nets 1750 Coins
Set's Hieroglyphic Nature Staff Holy Staff 1900 Coins
Ra-Atum Scepter of Divine Light Scepter 1850 Coins

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