Desert Cavalry
Egyptian Cavalry Unit
Age AvailableSilverAgeIcon Silver Age
Damage TypeCavalry
Attack RangeMelee
Hit Points1020
Sight Range20
Train Time8 s.
Food 60 Wood 0 Gold 60 Population 2
Armor vs. ranged0.3
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The Desert Cavalry is a Unique Cavalry Unit in Age of Empires Online. The unit may only be produced by having the Advisor TheRoamerDjer The Roamer Djer equipped.

Overview Edit

  • Effective against ranged Units. It becomes available in the Silver Age.
  • There are different versions of this unit available (Experienced, Veteran, Elite). These versions have better statistics than the normal version.

Advisor Edit

You need The Roamer Djer to be able to unlock and use this unit.

Stats by Quality Edit


Stats as of 7.31.2019

Desert Cavalry (Common)
Desert Cavalry
  • Max Health: 1020
  • Melee Attack DPS: 41
  • Ranged Armor: 0.30
  • Speed: 10.0
  • Line-of-sight: 20

Desert Cavalry (Uncommon - all blacksmith upgrades)

Comparison Edit


Left = Desert Cavalry (Uncommon) with no upgrades @ level 40
Right = Full upgrades + King Agamemnon advisor @ level 40

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