The Defense of Crete is a Booster Pack for Age of Empires Online, which give access the Defense of Crete Quests
Defense of Crete

Gameplay Edit

The objective of the Defense of Crete is to defend the Wonder (the Temple of Minos, the Shrine of the Bound Minotaur or the Hubris of Icarus) from the Lelegan Mercenaries that come to attack the wonder in waves.

Features Edit

Setup Edit

Go to the Minoan War Council, located under the floating shield to customize your game based on Difficulty, Number of waves, "Quest setting" (location), and whether or not you wish to play it coop.

Description Edit

"Pack up your army and head to Crete!
King Minos needs your help to defend his island from invaders-and he's sure to enrich your coffers if you succeed.
Beat back waves of relentless invaders as you protect the sacred Minoan Wonders from being destroyed.
For even more fun, invite a friend to team up against the barbarian attackers. Earn new gear and awesome rewards for defending Crete!"


  • 5 chests are given along with coin, both depending on the difficulty selected
  • the player will also be given a choice of Cypress Wood , Minoan Tools , Knossoss Marble or a blueprint for Temple of Minos, Hubris of Icarus and Shrine of the Bound Minotaur, depending on the amount of selected waves. 

Development Edit

  • It was first revealed on April 28th, 2011.
  • It was called Invasion during its development stage.

Video Edit

Age of Empires Online - Video Blog

Age of Empires Online - Video Blog

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