Cyrus the Great Quest Pack
Global Campaign
Requiredlevel 30
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The Cyrus the Great Quest Pack is a quest line developed by exclusively for Project Celeste. It consists of 4 quest missions, and one global quest that rewards you for completing the 4 quest missions.

Gameplay Edit

Wage war on Persian Lands, aiding Cyrus the Great in his conquest of the region.

Features Edit

New set of Quests, some being a homage to classic AoE story missions, such as Holy Man.

Quests Edit

TravelQuest Helping Cyrus the Great
NormalQuest Unite the Tribes GlobalQuest Assist Persia
NormalQuest Holy Man
GlobalRepeatQuest Conquer the Rivals of Cyrus the Great
NormalQuest Battle of Thymbra RepeatQuest Unite the Tribes RepeatQuest Legendary: Holy Man RepeatQuest Legendary: Battle of Thymbra RepeatQuest Legendary: Battle of Opis
NormalQuest Battle of Opis
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