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Craftsmen Rescue (Egyptian)
Egyptian Crafting Quests
Giver(s)Crafting Hall Master (Egyptian)
CityCapital City
PreviousCrafter's Calling (Egyptian)
ConcurrentCraft Shipment Recovery (Egyptian)
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Craftsmen Rescue is a Quest in Age of Empires Online, which belongs to the Egyptian Crafting Quests.

Quest Objectives[]

Find and escort the Craftsmen to your Town Center.
REPEATABLE - 12 hours

  • Craftsmen Rescued: 0/5


Choose One Of
You Will Also Receive

Quest Giver Quotes[]

Crafting Hall Master (Egyptian)
Word of your Crafting Hall has spread. Craftsmen from a small village nearby would like to come to your Capital City to work. The roads are dangerous, however, and they fear the journey. If we can provide them an escort, they will greatly improve our economy.
Crafting Hall Master (Egyptian)
Have you rescued the Craftsmen yet?
Crafting Hall Master (Egyptian)
The Craftsmen are quite thankful.