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Crafting is a feature of Age of Empires Online in which through a Crafting Hall in the Capital City the player can enhance Units and Buildings.

Crafting Halls[]

Crafting Halls can be constructed in your Capital City. Each Crafting Hall allows you to create a variety of Advisors and Equipment that enhance different units in the game.[1]

The Following Crafting Halls are available to the player:

Crafting Recipes[]

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In order to craft an item, the crafter must know the recipe. Recipes can be purchased from various stores or found in treasure chests. Each recipe is specific to a profession but all items can be used by someone outside of that profession.

Crafting Materials[]

Crafting materials are required to craft and construct buildings and decoration in your Capital City. Tier 1 items can be crafted after you place the workshop in your Capital City. Tier 2 crafting material recipe can be purchased from Mycenae Crafting Store (for Greek civilizations) or Nubia Crafting Store (for Egyptian civilizations).