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The Council of Imhotep is one of the three Alliances in Age of Empires Online.

Overview Edit

The Council of Imhotep is an alliance for players who enjoy using support units and utilizing the benefit of upgrades.

Unique Features Edit

  • Join Imhotep and his Council Order to glory through religion and technology.
  • On certain alliance quests, Imhotep will accompany you and will have the ability to heal and empower buildings.
  • Passive bonuses commits cheaper research and priests while also committing healthier soldiers.
  • Council's gears designed as unique and rather not focused on any style.

Inhabitants Edit

Equipment Edit

A sampling of what the Council of Imhotep offers:

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Passive Bonuses Edit

  • Words of Imhotep – Decreases Research Cost
  • Medicine – Increases land Military health
  • Divinity – Decreases Priest cost

More info about passive bonuses can be found in Alliance Wars Ranks

Leader: Imhotep, Chancellor and High priest of Ra Edit

The chief advisor to the Pharaoh is a both a powerful healer and polymath. When in combat he wields the dual Swords of Anubis; out of combat he can empower structures enabling them to research, train, and build faster. His comprehension of medicine and religion also allows him to heal friendly units.

Farafra OasisEdit

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Imhotep was a famous Egyptian polymath who served as chancellor to Third Dynasty king Djoser and high priest of Ra at Heliopolis. He is regarded to be the first architect, engineer, and physician in early Egyptian history. There is no evidence of an actual "Council of Imhotep".[1]


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