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Consumables are items that can only once be used - consumed - in quests only. They summon troops to fight on your side, reinforce your troops by granting them temporary bonuses, or even help your economy by spawning resources.

The major benefit of summoning troops via consumables is that they cost 0 population -- with their only limiting factor being the cool down time between consumption of consumables, and the cost of making/acquiring them.

How to obtain Edit

You can get consumables in the following ways:

  • They may be received as a reward for completing a quest.
  • They can be found in Treasure chests.
  • They can be bought in stores.
  • They can be crafted in a Crafting Hall through Recipes.
  • They can be traded with other players.

List of Consumables: Units Edit

Bandits Edit

These units departed from civilization working under rogue cultures, they can be deployed early for a head-start on quests.

They cost 0 population, freeing up your civ to spend that population elsewhere.

Bandits: Class Age Description Common Uncommon Rare Epic
Bandit Archers Class 2 2 Summons 5 Bandit Archers Bandit Archer C Bandit Archer U Bandit Archer R Bandit Archer E
Bandit Cavalry Class 2 2 Summons 3 Bandit Cavalry Bandit Cavalry C Bandit Cavalry U Bandit Cavalry R Bandit Cavalry E
Bandit Spearmen Class 2 2 Summons 5 Bandit Spearmen Bandit Spearmen C Bandit Spearmen U Bandit Spearmen R Bandit Spearmen E
Bandit Tower Class 2 2 Builds a Bandit Tower in a target location Bandit Tower C Bandit Tower U Bandit Tower R Bandit Tower E
Rogue Priests Class 2 3 Summons 3 Pirate Fire Ships in a target location Rouge Priests C Rouge Priests U Rouge Priests R 50px
Pirate Fire Ship Class 2 3 Summons 3 Pirate Fire Ships in a target location Pirate Fireship C Pirate Fireship U Pirate Fireship R Pirate Fireship E
Bandit Fortress Class 2 3 Builds a Bandit Fortress in a target location Bandit Fortress C Bandit Fortress U Bandit Fortress R Bandit Fortress E
Renegade Siege Towers Class 2 3 Summons a Renegade Siege Tower near town center. 50px 50px 50px 50px

Mercenaries Edit

These are people that works under currency. A payment is issued out and these mercenaries will arrive to your aid. Unlike bandit consumables, these cannot be deployed early but likewise deploy a more stronger army.

They cost 0 population, freeing up your civ to spend that population elsewhere.

Mercenaries: Class Age Description Common Uncommon Rare Epic
Mercenary Archers Class 2 4 Summons 16 Mercenary Archers Mercenary Archers C Mercenary Archers U Mercenary Archers R Mercenary Archers E
Mercenary Hippikons Class 2 Summons 7 Mercenary Hippikons Mercenary Hippikons C Mercenary Hippikons U Mercenary Hippikons R Mercenary Hippikons E
Mercenary Phalanxes Class 2 4 Summons 12 Mercenary Phalanxes Mercenary Phalanxes C Mercenary Phalanxes U Mercenary Phalanxes R Mercenary Phalanxes E
Mercenary Gaesatae Class 2 3 Summons 12 Mercenary Gaesatae Mercenary Gaesatae C Mercenary Gaesatae U Mercenary Gaesatae R Mercenary Gaesatae E
Celtic Mercenaries Class 2 4 Summons 18 Celtic Mercenaries Celtic Mercenaries C Celtic Mercenaries U Celtic Mercenaries R Celtic Mercenaries E
Mercenary Headhunters Class 2 Summons 2 Mercenary Headhunters MercenaryHeadhuntersC 50px 50px 50px
Mercenary Woad Raiders Class 2 Summons 8 Mercenary Woad Raiders Mercenary Woad Raiders C Mercenary Woad Raiders U Mercenary Woad Raiders R Mercenary Woad Raiders Enew

NPC Civilization soldiers Edit

These are units of non-player civs that can fight for the player. These can be summoned via consumables and can be used by any civilization.

Some of these are craftable, some are not.

They cost 0 population, freeing up your civ to spend that population elsewhere.

Name: Class Age Description Common Uncommon Rare Epic Craftable Purchasable
Nubian War Elephants Class 2 3 Summons 2 Nubian War Elephants Nubian War Elephants C 50px 50px 50px No No
Nubian Archers Class 2 3 Summons 2 Nubian War Elephants 50px 50px 50px 50px No Yes
Mycenaean Bowemen Class 2 4 Summons Mycenaean Bowmen 50px 50px 50px 50px No No
Mycaenean Hoplites Class 2 4 Summons Mycaenean Hoplites 50px 50px 50px 50px No Yes

List of Consumables: Economy Edit

Resources Edit

These are special abilities that give powerful boosts to your civilizatoin's economy. They are of special importance on maps where normally the player is unable to generate some of these resources (ex. food) to build a proper base.

Items Plant Bush C Cattle C Gold Deposit C CommonStoneDeposit Grow Tree C
Name Planted Bush Cattle Rustler Discovery Mine Quarry Pit Grow Tree
Age 1 1 1 1 1
Cooldown 3m 5m 5m 5m 5m
Description Plants a Berry Bush of __ Food at a target location Summons __ Cows (200 food per) as a resouce Uncovers a Gold Deposit of __ Gold at a target location Uncovers a Stone Mine of __ Stone at a target location Plants a Great Tree of __ Wood at a target location
Common 400 2 400 400 400
Uncommon 600 3 600 600 600
Rare 800 4 800 800 800
Epic 1000 5 1000 1000 1000

Storehouse Edit

While it's usefulness depends heavily on the situation for most civilizations, the Babylonian Civilization prizes these consumables far more than any other: Due to their lack of ability to build storehouses through any other means.

The rarity determines the cooldown

Items Name Age Class Common Uncommon Rare Epic
Storehouse Quick Storehouse 1 Class 1 120s 60s 30s 15s


Creates a storehouse at target location

Information Edit

Ever wish you could see into an enemies base and drop a Bandit Fortress? Only to lament from needing line of sight to do so? That's where this consumable comes into play. Hidden Spy allows for an area to be revealed for a limited time, either giving your age 4 siege units the vision required to hit that target out of sight up a cliff, or allowing for a multitude of other things that cannot be performed into the fog of war.

Items Name Age Cooldown Class Common Uncommon Rare Epic
ConSpy1 ua Hidden Spy 1 3m Class 1 10s 13s 17s 20s


Provides true Line-of-sight in a specified area for a set time

List of Consumables: De/Buffs Edit

While these may seem a waste to the casual player, expert players know how powerful a temporary boost can be in the heat of battle.

Given the frequency of these types of consumables in Chests, they can have a significant impact in turning the tide of a battle. Use them wisely, as deciding when to use them will mean the difference between a victorious encounter or a route, due to the power of these consumables.

Special Abilities Edit

Special Abilities: Class Description Common Uncommon Rare Epic
Battle Cry Class 1 Increases targeted unit's damage by % for a short period of time. Battle Cry C Battle Cry U Battle Cry R Battle Cry E
Combat Fatigue Class 1
Warrior's Fortitude Class 1
Swiftness Class 1
Pillage Class 1
Weaken Enemy Class 1
Sustained Health Class 1
Sustained Weakness Class 1
Elixir of Strength Class 1
Elixir of Fortitude Class 1
Elixir of Power Class 1
Elixir of Flight Class 1
Elixir of the Gods Class 1
Enfeebling Poison Class 1
Other: Class: Common Uncommon Rare Epic

List of Consumables: Uniques Edit

Heroic Aid Edit

This consumable you can only get one set of 5 per civilization. They come with the civilization when created on the Project Celeste servers, after they are all used up -- they are gone for good. The only way to get more would be to delete the civilization and make it new. They were originally a bonus for buying the premium version of the civilization

Image Consumable Class Cooldown Description Units
Bandit Cavalry E Heroic Aid 2 5m Summons 30 Mercenaries Premium Remuneration

Scouts Edit

These are generally used as a means of replacing a scout lost to combat. hence the very low cost per consumable.

Items Name Age Cooldown Description Source Cost
Recon man icon Recon Man 2 3m Summons 1 (Civilization) Scout to add to your ranks General
10 C

Class explanation Edit

There are 4 classes of consumables in Age of Empires Online. The first class is used primarily for non-combat bonuses. The second class is used primarily for unit spawning or other combat related bonuses. The third class is used exclusively for adding resources directly to a player during a game. The final class is called the "Global" class, as it has affects that effect your entire account.

  • Class 1 = Non combat
  • Class 2 = Units or combat
  • Class 3 = direct resource injection
  • Global Class = Account wide benefits

[Use example]

Class1 was used.
In order to use Class1 more, it waits for cooldown.
But, it does not wait in order to use Class2.

[Background color]

Common=White  Uncommon=Green  Rare=Blue  Epic=Purple

[Class2 Rare value]

fundamental changes are health and damage only.
almost rough value.
Veteran×1.15  Master×1.30  Champion×1.50

sort [acquisition>age>cooldown>+-]

Empire Consumables Edit

See Empire Consumables

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