NOTE: Every type of City Point except Empire Points are now obsolete. Please redirect to this page if you want to learn more about Empire Points.

City Points are a type of currency that can be used to purchase various gears from stores in the game. Points are obtained as quest rewards.

Tip: (As of May 15, 2011) Advisors purchased from the General Store for 20 Empire Points can be sold to a vendor for 100 Coins. This is often a quick and easy way to gain Coin, especially for lower level players.

Icon: Name: Used in:
Empire Points Player Cities | Elegant Epic Escutcheons | Exquisite Epic Edges | Respectable Rare Ramparts | Reputable Rare Rewards
Mycenae Points Mycenae
Nubia Points

Nubia, Libya

Argos Points Argos
Sparta Points Sparta
Massalia Points Massalia
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