Chariot Archer (Egyptian)
Egyptian Ranged Unit
Age AvailableSilverAgeIcon Silver Age
Damage33 (34)
Damage TypeRanged
Attack Range18
Hit Points280
Speed8 (8.5)
Sight Range20
Train Time20 s.
Trained/Built fromStables (Egyptian)
Food 0 Wood 80 Gold 80 Population 3
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The Chariot Archer is an Egyptian Ranged Unit in Age of Empires Online. PvP Values which are different are put in brackets ().

Overview Edit

  • Able to inflict damage from a distance, the Chariot Archer controls the battlefield with its range and mobility.

Equipment Edit


Comparison Edit

For a comparison of all 3 types of Chariot Archers presently in the game, please see the page for Chariot Archers

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