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ChampionLancer.png Champion Lancer
Improves Lancer.
  • +20% Health (REMOVED)
  • Grants Charge Attack (x3 Bonus Damage (x2.5))
  • (+5% Movement Speed)
Points: 1
Research Costs: 450 Gold.png (400)
Research Time: 40s
Civilization(s): Babylonian

Champion Lancer is a technology that is researched at the Stable (Babylonian). PvP Values which are different are put in brackets ().

Regarded one of the strongest champion upgrades in the game alongside Burning Pitch, Champion Lancer is sometimes banned from high level tournaments and events. With some micro, a player can use the charge ability granted by this upgrade to kite enemy melee units. In some cases, lancer champions can even beat anti-cavalry infantry units like spearmen.

Charges have some cooldown before they can be used again. This is longer in PvP.