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This Quest has been removed from Age of Empires Online.

Challenge: Suicidal Tendencies
Argos Challenge Quests
Giver(s)King Diomedes
PreviousRun the Blockade
NextChallenge: It's a Suicide Wrap
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Challenge: Suicidal Tendencies is a Quest in Age of Empires Online, which belongs to the Argos Challenge Quests.

Quest Objectives[]

You cannot lose any Town Centers.

  • Town Centers Must Survive

SandClock.png 15:00



Quest Giver Quotes[]

King Diomedes
The bad news is this is a suicide mission for the villages caught in the path of the Sea People rabble. The good news is, if you hold out long enough, it will give us more time to prepare other villages for their arrival.
Hold out at all costs and protect any Town Centers for a while. If you succeed, you'll buy us the time we need.
King Diomedes
Hurry! Without you to help slow down those Sea People, they'll descend on the unprepared.
King Diomedes
Your men fought gallantly and have bought us much time to prepare.


The easiest way to complete this quest and all the followups is to actually go on the offensive. You are surrounded by enemy towns, 2 on each side with 1 directly below you. Take your starting villagers, and build a fortress ASAP to block off one of the four paths to your town center. If you have access to a unique unit, start pumping those out as they'll be perfect for this mission. If you dont, consider setting up a fortress on 2 other paths (left, right and bottom are the best to do this with). While doing that, be producing workers to get your economy booming, and mass produce troops. If you can strike first and strike hard. The bottom most city is the most protected, so attack the ones to the sides first. This mission is much easier if you attack before they have time to build up, you can effectively halve their productivity before they can make anything dangerous, and seriously hamper their ability to stop you, whereas if you leave them be, they'll eventually start to overwhelm you with sheer numbers. Depending on the unit you're mass producing to fight, you can usually wipe out one town with ~15 troops if they're strong (hoplites, unique troops, war elephants) or 20+ if they're weaker (hypaspists, spearmen, camel riders).