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Challenge: Quell the Masses
Egyptian Challenge Quests
Giver(s)King Narmer
CityCapital City
PreviousCamels in the Mist
NextChallenge: Quell the Masses Again!
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Challenge: Quell the Masses is a Quest in Age of Empires Online, which belongs to the Egyptian Challenge Quests.

Quest Objectives[]

Complete construction of a Pyramid in the heart of the Badari lands.

  • Pyramid Completed: 0/1



Strategy & Tips[]

  • Walls are the greatest deterrent against rioting Villagers. The rioters are so weak they cannot break through even a simple wooden wall will give them something to chew on for over a minute, regardless of their numbers. Better yet, if you leave an intentional opening within a reasonable distance they will avoid attacking the wall to try and go around it (one on either side will suffice). This makes it possible to funneling enemies into your Guard Towers and Fortresses. Giving you time to build up a decent defense.
  • Your abundant starting resources are there for a reason, use them! Age up to 3 and build your best units en mass, or simply put that starting cash towards a lot of towers and walls. You'll be headed for a restart if you don't utilize as much of that starting moola as you can.
  • Wood and Food are going to be your biggest challenges here -- in that order. You can take advantage of an "oversight" on the map makers part by gathering Wood and building farms against the very edges of the map, since the Rioting villagers don't go there naturally.

Guarded Loot[]

There are 3 Treasure Chests on this map. One to the North-West, One to the South-East, and one to the South-West.

Quest Giver Dialog[]

King Narmer
We must solidify the prominence of our Capital City.

How better than to build a symbol of our power right in the middle of several Badari villages. Expect resistance, as some Badari may revolt against you. But, once you finish, our hold on this area will be secured.

I suggest you build some defenses around the construction site. I've given you some extra Stone just in case.
King Narmer
Is the Pyramid complete?
King Narmer
Ah, she's a beautiful Pyramid isn't she?